Opportunities when my internal worlds meet with other peoples inner worlds.

I like to do an art projects. That’s times when I come out of my own world and meet people of the same kind. I have started many projects and been a part of other. Here I present some projects that I have been part of.

Transatlantic Exchange

This is a project that has been started the autumn 2003 and shall be ready 2005. It is a exchange between artists in New York and Sweden.


A sculpture project that started with a course in concrete casting. I did together with 5 artists in Uddevalla and in Dingle Summer 2003

About art

This is a book project there I have put images of my paintings to disposal for a little fine book with quotations from different artists

My quotation in the book:

I work with painting, drawing, prints and sculpture, freely out of the subconscious world and I let the feelings have control. When it feels right I become a man elated of a feeling, of mental wealth, it feels like I have created a friend somebody that I can talk to, something that is alive.

Crossborder Print Workshop

This was a project that me and Mia Frankedal did along with 8 artists from Europe. We invited them to Sweden to do some printing that we exhibited at Gallery Aveny and Red Stone.

Du Vague A L´Art

This was a group exhibition with an international constellation of artists. I was one of the original artists in the group.

International ART festival 1998

I was invited to participate in this Internationel art festival in Ukraina 1998

Stockholm Art Fair 1997

Presentation of my painting in the catalogue of Stockholm Art Fair 1997

Bosen 95

This was an exchange project that I was part of with my teacher Peter Bachaus from my art school. The art school was named Hovedskous Målarskola, Peter is now owner of Gothenburg’s Art school. We worked in south Germany two months and had two exhibitions there.

Two stones and one ladder.

This is a project together with Per-Gunnar Kramer, he is an art critic and poet. We did an exhibition and a book with texts and images that have points of contact. Two different media that tells about similar experiences.
A small quotation out of book “Two stones and ladder”

The most original form of communication.

I see the image as a more original communication method than text. This statement is based on the fact that the image is something that each human has when they are born. We see directly and create images within us of all things we react on. For example if something comes against us we try to move, when it gets dark some people get afraid and so on. The image is something that you feel more than you think. With the text it is different, we get taught in school to communicate with text. This fact can be resembled with an orange, where the orange itself is the intuitive image and the peel is the words.

Kimmo Hakonen